Healthcare Conference 2023 "Healthcare in a Post-Pandemic World"

Day 1 | 29th March 2023

1630 Registration

1645 Opening Remarks

1700 Opening Keynote

1730 Innovation and Venture Capital Panel | Dr Marek Tyl (Takeda), Ingrid Teigland Akay (Hadean Ventures), Jack O’Meara (Ochro Bio), Michael Niddam (Kamet Ventures)

1815 BREAK (light refreshments)

1830 Keynote Address

1900 Healthcare Consulting and Investment Banking

1945-2015 Keynote Address

2015-2100 NETWORKING (including drinks and substantial canapes)

Day 2 | 30th March 2023

1600 Registration open (for those who did not attend Day 1)

1615 Health Tech Challenge Public Pitches and Results Presentation (Timing to be finalised)

1730 BREAK (light refreshments)

1800 Keynote | Amy Landucci, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Haleon

1830 Keynote | David Pyott, Board Member of Philips, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, BioMarin Pharmaceutical and Former Chairman and CEO at Allergen

1915 BREAK (light refreshments)

1930 BigTech and Healthcare | Prof. Kamalini Ramdas (Moderator, Professor of Management Science and Operations; Deloitte Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Dr Alessandro Riccombeni (National Genomics Officer, Microsoft), Dr Vishaal Virani Head of UK Health, YouTube

2015 Keynote | Ilya Yuffa, President Lilly International, Eli Lilly and Company

2045 NETWORKING (including drinks and substantial canapes)

Conference Academic Partners