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A truly global community of experienced professionals, united across industries by our focus on better health for everyone Whether your background is in healthcare provision, insurance, pharma, biotech and medical devices, entrepreneurship and investment, consulting, banking or data science (or something we haven’t thought of!) you’ll find likeminded people in our collaborative network.  

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About us

We represent London Business School’s community of healthcare industry professionals; students, alumni, partners, friends and colleagues. We hold monthly networking and thought leadership events at our Marylebone campus, check out the events page and join us! Our annual healthcare conference is now in its 13th year and this year has developed into a collaboration of the five leading business schools in the UK – LBS. Oxford Said, Cambridge Judge, Imperial College and Manchester Alliance. Our annual hackathon and healthtech challenge gives mentorship and funding to talented healthcare founders. This year for the first time we have partnered with North West London NHS Trust to partner our postgraduate business students with NHS transformation fellows working on clinical projects across a breadth of subspecialities.  

Our Values



Our deep passion for improving healthcare access and delivery is what unites us. We form a community of like-minded current and future healthcare leaders who aspire to be change agents. 



Our club welcomes all students from LBS, regardless of their programmes or status, and focus on all sectors of the healthcare space.  



We strive to work with as many stakeholders as possible, be they from the industry, the public sector or other business schools, to raise the profile of healthcare. 


Thought Leadership

We aim to expose our club members to the latest trends in healthcare by organising exciting events with world-renowned experts and companies that are driving innovation within the field. 

Our Sponsors

Massive changes—including breakthroughs in digital health, the emergence of novel therapies, the rise of personalized care, and value-based care—are transforming health care. BCG helps health care organizations take action now so they can compete and thrive over the long term.  

At the start of 2020, the global health care industry was already facing transformational changes driven by shifting consumer behaviors, the rise of disruptive competitors, changing regulations, and new alliances and mergers. To thrive in the face of such change—and in the postpandemic world—health care leaders need to reimagine their strategies, value propositions, and organizational capabilities. Our health care consulting teams help clients do so by adopting agile ways of working, accelerating innovation, advancing digital transformation, evolving go-to-market strategies, and driving growth and portfolio strategy through M&A. Across virtually every engagement, we help clients optimize capabilities through data, digital, and advanced analytics.  

Powering the heroes on the front lines with sequencing solutions to address a pandemic.  

In these unprecedented times, there are no borders, countries, mine, or yours. There’s only one focus: how do we stop COVID-19. As the world’s leader in next-generation sequencing, our technology helps power the heroes working around the clock to track transmission, conduct surveillance, develop therapies and vaccines, and protect our neighbors around the globe for years to come. 

Investment Focus: 
Our primary focus is on the development of novel therapeutics and platforms. In our investments we look for unmet need and clinical impact, novel proprietary science and understanding of mechanism, management and board experience and capital efficiency in the program. 
Invest Globally: 
We invest in North America, Europe and Israel with approximately USD 750 million under management in committed capital and more than 24 portfolio companies. We continue our strategy of making larger focused investments and anticipate total investments up to USD 30 million per company over its life. 
Invest Across Healthcare Sector: 
We make equity investments in Biotechnology/Biopharma life sciences companies. NVF is stage agnostic and engages in seed investments as well as later-stage investments. We typically lead or co-lead an investment and play an active role on company boards. 

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe good health is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities and forward progress. That’s why for more than 130 years, we have aimed to keep people well at every age and every stage of life. Today, as one of the world’s largest and most broadly based healthcare company, we are committed to using our reach and size for good. We strive to improve access and affordability, create healthier communities, and put a healthy mind, body and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere. 
With a broad range of products from Consumer Health, Medical Devices, Vision to Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson is committed to supporting people throughout their lives and pursuing a holistic approach to care: from prevention to diagnostics and therapy. We embrace research and science to advance the health and well-being of people. To act with open hearts and minds is what inspires and unites us. We create an environment where diverse perspectives and an open dialogue are encouraged, allowing our employees to develop. By fostering collaboration across sectors, functions and with strategic partners we act as one J&J UK towards the local communities and the outside world.

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